Lunch Menu


Add a choice of protein to any Salad

$5 Chicken | $7 Salmon | $9 Shrimp | $4 Tofu

Dressing Selections Include:

 Mint29 House Vinaigrette, Carrot Ginger, Sweet Japanese, Cilantro Lime, Ceviche, Cucumber Wasabi, and Roasted Sesame Dressings

10Mint29 Salad

Fresh Grapefruit, Dried Cranberry, Toasted Pistachio, Cashews, Blue Cheese, Watercress, & Arugula best served tossed in a Sweet Japanese Dressing

10Beet Chopped Salad

Crisp Power Blend, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Beets, Jalapeño, Feta Cheese, Crispy Fried Onions, and best served with Mint29 House Vinaigrette

10Lentil & Quinoa Salad

Watercress, Spinach, and Arugula with Mango Salsa, Tomatoes recommended to be served with Mint29 House Vinaigrette

14Shrimp Salad

Served on a bed of Kale Blend with Tomato, Cucumber, Red Pepper,
Onion, & Avocado, best served with Cilantro Ceviche Dressing

14Poke Bowl

Raw Tuna, Red & Green Seaweed, Beets, Cucumber & Ginger, served on a bed of Artisan Greens, Spinach, best served with the Ginger Carrot Dressing

12Tomato & Burrata

Burrata Cheese, Tomatoes & Wild Arugula, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Pesto, best served with Reduced Balsamic, and served with Baked Bread and Peppercorn Olive Oil


Includes a choice of Soup of the Day, Salad, or Fries


Prime Beef Tenderloin Meatballs, smothered with Tomato Basil Sauce, finished with Parmesan & Fresh Burrata Cheese on a local Fresh Baguette

14Slider Trio

Japanese Slider
Cilantro Salad, Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Onion Straws, and Asian BBQ Sauce

Mediterranean Slider
Fresh Watercress, Tzatziki, and Feta Pesto

Traditional Slider
Cheddar, Tomato, Romaine Lettuce, and Spicy Mayo

16Crab Cake Sliders

Served with Wasabi Chili & Eel Sauce

12The Eggplant

Seared Eggplant, on a bed of Watercress, smothered with Feta Pesto, Grilled Tomato, and cooled off with Tzatziki

Served on 7 Grain Bread

12Killer Chicken

Pan seared Organic Chicken Tenderloins, White Cheddar, Caramelized Onion, with Our Housemade Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Avocado Mousse or Cilantro Lime.

Served on 7 Grain Bread 


Melted Burrata on Beef Steak Tomato, Fresh Arugula, with Reduced Balsamic Glaze and Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Served on 7 Grain Bread 


Includes a choice of Soup of the Day or Salad

15Airline Chicken

Seared Organic Breast Chicken, served with Wild Rice, Broccolini, and Our Delicious Housemade Cilantro Lime Sauce

18*Eye Filet

Beef Tenderloin, served with Mashed Potato, Carrots, and Our Famous Zip Sauce

16Blackened Trout

Seared Ruby Red Trout, served with Mango Salsa and Wild Rice

16BBQ Salmon

Grilled Salmon, Power Blend, Broccolini, and Asian BBQ sauce

12Vegan Pasta

Yellow Squash, & Beet Noodles served with Crispy Tofu, and Wild Mushrooms, tossed in Tomato Arrabiata Sauce

Add Protein:

$5 Chicken | $5 Meatball | $9 Shrimp

12Vegan Quinoa Cake

Crispy Quinoa Cake, on a bed of Power Blend, accompanied with
Japanese Dressing, Sriracha, & Sweet Soy Sauce

14*Tohoku Tuna Taco

Crispy Wonton Taco, stuffed with Raw Yellow Fin Tuna, topped with Cilantro, Red Pepper, & Radish Salad, accompanied with Housemade Avocado Mousse

Available For Lunch

From Dinner Menu


*Fresh Seafood Ceviche ...14

Salmon, Black Cod, Onion, Avocado cooked in Cilantro Citrus Marinate and served with Tortilla Chips

Crispy Fried Calamari ...12
Calamari Strips served with Cucumber Cusabi and Spicy Red Seaweed Salad

*Braised Tenderloin Tips ...16
Pan Braised Smothered with Wild Mushroom Glaze

Flaming Grilled Black Tiger Shrimp ...16
Tossed in Mint29 Spicy Eel Sauce, served with Spicy Seaweed Salad

39*14 oz. Prime New York Strip

Dry-Aged for 40 Days and Uniquely Seasoned, served with Herb Roasted Garlic

39*16 oz. Bone-In Aged Rib Eye

Prime, Dry-Aged for 40 Days & Uniquely Seasoned, served with Herb Roasted Garlic

*Kobe Bone-In Aged Rib Eye

Prime, Dry-Aged for 40 Days and Uniquely Seasoned Kobe

22 oz. ...65 | 32 oz. ...100

7Side Dishes

Parmesan Garlic Truffle Fries, Smashed Potato, Roasted Baby Colored Carrots, Sautéed Exotic Mushrooms, or Sautéed Fresh Rapini

7Caribbean Chili Meal

Served with Avocado Mousse, Onions, Tomatoes, Mango Salsa, and Sour Cream

6French Onion Soup

Substituted for Soup of the Day for additional $3

4Exotic Mixed Salad

3Soup of the Day

Dinner Menu

Chilled Starter

7Mint29 Bread and Cheese Tapenade

Fresh Baked Artisan Bread, with Tzatziki, Sriracha Pesto
Feta, and Whole Olives Blend

16*Blini Smoked Salmon

Served on a French Potato Pancake with Light Fresh Cream and Black Caviar

14*Mint29 Yellow-Fin Tuna Poke

With Fresh Avocado and Toasted Sesame, Smothered with Asian BBQ

14*Fresh Seafood Ceviche

Salmon, Black Cod, Onion, Avocado Cooked in Cilantro Citrus Marinate and Served with Platines

16Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Cocktail

Served with Bloody-Marry Mango Salsa and Crispy Tortilla

*Raw Oysters - Market Price

Let Our Staff Offer You Our Daily Fresh Oysters, Presented with Fresh Lemon, Tabasco and Cocktail Sauce

Exotic Salad

10Mint29 Dissembled Salad

A Blend of Fresh Beets, Wild Arugula,Tomato, Cucumber and Sheep Feta Served with Citrus Vinaigrette

10Chopped Artisan Chaves Salad

Grilled Artisan Romaine Wedge,Topped with Aged Parmesan, Sesame Vinaigrette Herb Croutons

12Tomato & Burrata

Burrata Cheese, Tomato, and Wild Arugula, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Reduced Balsamic, Served with Baked Bread and Peppercorn Olive Oil

10Season Salad

Fresh Pomelo, Dried Cranberry, Toasted Pistachio and Cashews, Watercress and Arugula Tossed in a Sweet Japanese Dressing and Topped with Blue Cheese

14Crispy Quinoa Vegetable Cake (Vegan)

Quinoa & Vegetable Patties, Sauteed with Garlic and Olive Oil, Served Over Wild Greens and Cilantro Lime Coulis

18Airline Chicken

Seared Organic Airline Chicken, Served with Wild Rice, Broccolini, and Our Delicious Housemade Cilantro Lime Sauce

Hot Starter

14*Divers Fresh Sea Scallops

Pan Seared, Finished with Lemon Butter and Topped with Caviar

12Crispy Fried Calamari Strips

Served with Cucumber Cusabi and Spicy Red Seaweed Salad

13Red or White Steam Mussels

Smothered with Your Choice of Tomato Garlic and Fresh Basil, Garlic White Wine

16Flaming Grilled Black Tiger Shrimp

Tossed with Mint29 Spicy Cilantro Sauce, Served with Spicy Seaweed Salad

16Peppercorn Crusted Fried Gulf Shrimp

Lightly Dusted Peppercorn Seasoning, Fried and Served with
Mint29 Cilantro Sauce

16Panko Style Crabcake

Crabcake Dipped in Japanese Style Crumbs Seared and then Baked with Sweet Chili Wasabi

16*Braised Tenderloin Tips

Pan Braised Smothered with Wild Mushroom Glaze

Meat Entrees

30*8 oz. Prime Filet Mignon

Uniquely Seasoned Served with Herb Roasted Garlic

39*14 oz. Prime New York Strip

Dry-Aged for 40 Days and Uniquely Seasoned, Served with Herb Roasted Garlic

39*16 oz. Bone-In Aged Rib-Eye

Prime, Dry-Aged for 40 Days and Uniquely Seasoned, Served with Herb Roasted Garlic

65*22 oz. Bone-In Aged Rib-Eye

Prime Baby Tomahawk, Uniquely Seasoned Kobe, Served with Roasted Garlic

*Mint29 Lamb Lollipop

Seasoned Lollipop Lamb Chop with Wild Rice and Cilantro Mint Coulis

8 oz. ...29 | 12 oz. ...39

100*Mint29 Aged Tomahawk Steak

1 Kilo Gram of American Kobe Beef, Uniquely Seasoned, Served with Fresh Roasted Garlic
{It’s Huge Enough To Share}

Seafood Entrees

32Black Cod Miso

Marinated with a Unique Citrus Mirin and Miso Oven Caramelized, Served with Power Blend Quinoa

22Korean BBQ Glazed Salmon

Bay of Fundy Salmon Smothered with Our Oven Glazed Korean BBQ, Served with Power Blend Quinoa

22*Tuxedo Seared Yellow-Fin Tuna

Black and White Sesame Crusted, Served with Spicy Seaweed Sesame Salad, Edamame Relish and Sweet Soy Sauce
{Served Chilled}

23Mediterranean Sea Bass

Pan Seared Bronzini with Shaved Fennel in a Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce

Today’s Catch - Market Price

Side Dishes

7Parmesan Garlic Truffle Fries

7Smashed Potato

7Sauteed Fresh Rapini

7Sauteed Exotic Mushrooms

7Roasted Baby Colored Carrots

16Crab Mac and Cheese

4Soup of the day

(Please ask your server) 

4Side Salad

Drink Menu

Hand Crafted Cocktails

13Bloody Mary

Add Shrimp $3 – Add Oyster $3

13Spiced Pear Mule

Titos, St George Spiced Pear Liqueur, and Gosling's Ginger Beer

13Blood Orange Mimosa

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, Peychaud Aperitivo, Orange Juice,
and Sparkling Wine

13Cucumber Mint Martini

Hendrick’s Gin, Bar Smith Simple Syrup, and Fresh Lime Juice

13Mint29 Manhattan

Maker’s Mark, Laird’s Apple Brandy, Sweet Vermouth, with Bitters

13Margaret and Rita

Blue Nectar Reposado, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Real Strawberries, and Fresh Basil 

13Berry Bramble

Basil Hayden, Lime Juice, Briottet Crème De Cassis, Simple Syrup, and Fresh Blackberries

13W. Dearborn Lemonade

Fresh Raspberries, Bourbon, Briottet Crème De Cassis, Lime Juice, and Sparkling Water


Modelo Espescial, Lime Juice, Worcestershire, Tabasco, Celery Salt, Limes and a Shot of Patron

Red Wine - By The Glass

Caymus Liter

Cab Sauv - Rutherford, CA

Glass: $30 | Bottle: $140


Cab Sauv - Napa, CA

Glass: $16 | Bottle: $54

Castle Rock

Pinot Noir - California

Glass: $7 | Bottle: $26


Malbec - Mendoza, AR

Glass: $12 | Bottle: $40

Conundrum Liter

Red Blend - Rutherford, CA

Glass: $14 | Bottle: $56

Belle Glos "Clark & Telephone"

Pinot Noir - Santa Maria, CA 

Glass: $20 | Bottle:  $78

Red Wine - By The Bottle

99Austin Hope

Cab Sauv - Paso Robles, CA


Cab Sauv - Napa, CA

105Frank Family

Cab Sauv - Napa, CA

88Corte Flora Brunello

Sangiovese - Tuscany, IT

93Vietti Barolo Castiglione

Nebbiolo - Piedmont, IT

85Cesari Amarone

Corvina - Veneto, IT

White Wine - By The Glass

Black Stallion

Chardonnay - Napa, CA

Glass: $12 | Bottle: $44

Schloss Vollrads

Riesling - Rheingau, DE

Glass: $12 | Bottle: $44


Rose - Vinho Verde, PT

Glass: $8 | Bottle: $30


Sauv Blanc - New Zealand

Glass: $9 | Bottle: $35

Colli Euganei

Pinot Grigio - Province Padua, IT

Glass: $8 | Bottle: $32

La Caliera

Moscato - Asti, IT

Glass: $9 | Bottle: $36

White Wine - By The Bottle


Chardonnay - Acampo, CA

45Domaine Chevreau Sancerre

Sauv Blanc - Loire Valley, FR

White Wine - Sparkling


Brut Rose - France

Casa Farive

Prosecco - Veneto, IT

Glass: $8 | Bottle: $30

House Wine

By The Glass




7Pinot Grigio

Draft Beer

Pilsner Urquell

ABV 4.4%
Czech Pilsner from Czech Republic

12 oz. ...5 | 20 oz. ...8


ABV 5.1%
Euro Pale Lager from Italy

12 oz. ...5 | 20 oz. ...8


ABV 4.4%
Pilsner Style Lager from Mexico

12 oz. ...5 | 20 oz. ...8

Norm’s IPA

ABV 7.25%
India Pale Ale from Birmingham, Michigan

12 oz. ...6 | 20 oz. ...9

Alaskan Amber

ABV 5.3%
Alt-Style Ale from Juneau, Alaska

12 oz. ...5 | 20 oz. ...8

Blue Moon

ABV 5.4%
Belgian Wheat Ale from Golden, Colorado

12 oz. ...5 | 20 oz. ...8

Sam Adams Seasonal

ABV 5.0%
Vienna Lager from Boston, Massachusetts

12 oz. ...5 | 20 oz. ...8

Dragonmead Final Absolution

ABV 10.0%
Belgian Triple Ale from Warren, Michigan

12 oz. ...6 | 20 oz. ...9

Atwater Dirty Blonde

ABV 4.5%
Wheat Ale from Detroit, Michigan

12 oz. ...5 | 20 oz. ...8

Rotating Seasonal Draft

{Please ask your server of our seasonal draft beer}

12 oz. ...6 | 20 oz. ...9

Bottled Beer


5Amstel Light

6Hacker Pschorr

5St. Pauli Girl

5Anchor Steam

5Angry Orchard

5Sam Rebel IPA


5Dos XX


5Buckler N.A

5New Castle



Specialty Water & Soda

3Creme Soda

3Cane Cola

3Diet Cola

4Mexican Cola

3Root Beer

3Diet Root Beer

3Ginger Ale

3Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Natia Ferrarelle Water

Still or Sparkling 

Small ...3 | Large ...7

*NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Prices and items subject to change.